About eTrade Summit

Day program, starting at 3.30 pm

In summary:

– There are as many different themes as there are tables (at least 10)

– There are 3 rounds, so:

 Round 1: minimum 10 themes à 35 ‘- possibility to switch afterwards

• Round 2: minimum 10 new themes of 35 ‘- possibility to switch afterwards

• Round 3: a minimum of 10 themes, including the most interesting themes of round 1 and round 2


You choose on the spot, we provide clear selection panels.
Allocation of the tables:  ‘first arrived, first seated’.

Reception, from 6 pm to 7.30 pm

– Ideal transition from day- to evening program

– Welcome to all participants of the day and evening program

– Perfect time for stretching legs and networking

– Walking appetizer to please the taste buds

Evening program from 7:30 pm

– Welcoming and intro by Greet Dekocker and Marc Périn from SafeShops.be

– Main dish

– 8:30 pm: 2 keynote speakers (the corner of the veil will be lifted later)

– 9.30 pm – walking dessert and swimming coffee, ideal for sporty networking