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  • ETS

    Day program

  • Round 1

    Topic: innovation

  • Round 2

    Topic: Marketing

  • You have decided to invest in marketing automation. Now, what’s next? Getting the tool up and running and starting marketing in the new automated way is a learning journey the marketing team needs to take. Don’t opt for a bumpy road, but discover in this session some of the pitfalls other marketers have run into and avoid making the same mistakes. We will cover different dimensions: from strategy, over data, content and tools, up to the organization of the marketing team. We will look at best practices for all steps that are needed to get your marketing automation tool ready.

  • Round 3

    Topic: Business

  • 1 year ago the EU agreed on the new Geoblocking Regulation which will apply from 3 December 2018. This new regulation will force sellers to accept order from non-domestic consumers. How can you as a webshop deal with this new regulation, what should be adapted on the webshop, what about complaints and what are the penalties for not-respecting this legislation?

  • Webshops have to go international in order to survive. But being successful across the border is challenging. Merchants are faced with legal, custom, tax, vat, translation, payment and localization challenges. An issue often underestimated is consumer trust. 50% of the consumers who have internet access do not shop online due to a lack of trust. The trust in webshops usually halves when consumers have to cross the border. Prof. Jorij Abraham discusses several methods to increase trust and as a result your conversion ratio and average basket size.

  • The evening

    C-level dinner