eTrade Summit: 30 “hot” e-commerce topics during 1 afternoon

On Tuesday, September 25, we are again ready for the 5th edition of the eTrade Summit in Concert Hall ‘De Casino’ in Sint-Niklaas.

Key word of the day: round table discussions.

After the welcome you can join one of the 10 tables,1 topic per table . 2 experts lead the subject briefly, afterwords there is enough space for questions, exchange of thoughts and sharing personal insights. Each round takes 35 minutes, then you get the chance to join another table where 10 new topics are discussed.

You choose on the spot, we provide clear selection panels.
Allocation of the tables: ‘first arrived, first seated’.

Take a look at the program

The program will be frequently updated, more sure to check it out once in a while.

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  • ETS

    Day program

  • Round 1

    Topic: innovation

  • Round 2

    Topic: Marketing

  • Round 3

    Topic: Business

  • The evening

    C-level dinner

  • Thanks to new innovative technologies, retail is facing a major shift. From cashierless stores to smart fridges buying groceries automatically, from digital mirrors giving fashion advice to self-driving cars paying for parking or ordering a taxi via your voice assistant, the way we buy is changing fundamentally. However, throughout all these experiences, money still needs to change hands. Will we use the same old swipe or chip credit card, or will payments innovate as well? In this session, we explore how payments can move from being a hurdle, to a customer experience driver.

  • New channels are coming. They will play a role in conversion and will have a tremendous impact on how consumers will communicate with your company. We believe that conversational user experience is only the beginning. We will show you how new channels can improve your conversion rate, why a chatbot conversation is the way to go for conversion rather than a webdesign,… Let’s go over some inspiring examples and start the discussion!

  • Most online shoppers search for their products via a search engine and land on marketplaces like Amazon or This makes it hard for an etailer to drive traffic to an online store. Should you sell via online marketplaces or spend more budget on Adwords? Are there any alternatives? And what are the best strategies to improve your customer acquisition and increase your conversion rate?

  • Elly covers the complete stack of Marketing Automation in the organization: From being the enabler for identifying the right requirements to select the proper Marketing Automation tool To guiding the roll-out together with the assigned taskforce & in close partnership with the MarCom & Sales teams. Untill consulting all the stakeholders the impact of this great tool by guiding C- & M-level in how to create the most optimized & future-proof teams & delivering workshops in how to create the right content at the right time for that right person on that right channel (customer centric approach)

  • January this year Mark Zuckerberg announced an update of the Facebook algorithm that would prioritize “meaningful social interactions”. In other words: more posts by friends & family in the newsfeed versus posts by businesses and media outlets. Nowadays all social media channels work with some kind of algorithm. Let’s discuss how you can still score on social media as a business!

  • You have decided to invest in marketing automation. Now, what’s next? Getting the tool up and running and starting marketing in the new automated way is a learning journey the marketing team needs to take. Don’t opt for a bumpy road, but discover in this session some of the pitfalls other marketers have run into and avoid making the same mistakes. We will cover different dimensions: from strategy, over data, content and tools, up to the organization of the marketing team. We will look at best practices for all steps that are needed to get your marketing automation tool ready.

  • Because shoppers are increasingly looking for a simple and smooth shopping experience and do not want to make any effort to buy convenience goods, many companies and webshops find their way to subscriptions (or subscription based e-commerce). Our Spotify or Netflix subscriptions are impossible to imagine and thus an inseparable part of our daily life. But not only the big ones benefit from these subscriptions. Even the smallest webshop can respond easily and create more convenience for its customers by reacting to recurring shop habits. Imagine you are never left without your favourite coffee blend, but that it is simply delivered to your door on a monthly basis. Anke will give you tips & tricks about the start and use of a subscription based model and adequate payment methods for your webshop.

  • Webshops have to go international in order to survive. But being successful across the border is challenging. Merchants are faced with legal, custom, tax, vat, translation, payment and localization challenges. An issue often underestimated is consumer trust. 50% of the consumers who have internet access do not shop online due to a lack of trust. The trust in webshops usually halves when consumers have to cross the border. Prof. Jorij Abraham discusses several methods to increase trust and as a result your conversion ratio and average basket size.

  • 1 year ago the EU agreed on the new Geoblocking Regulation which will apply from 3 December 2018. This new regulation will force sellers to accept order from non-domestic consumers. How can you as a webshop deal with this new regulation, what should be adapted on the webshop, what about complaints and what are the penalties for not-respecting this legislation?

  • When your e-business starts to scale, e-fulfilment can save you time and money. I will present 5 indicators that tell you it’s time to consider outsourcing your e-commerce logistics.