Track 1: Attract & Convert / Think, Trial, Track, Triumph

14:50, Auditorium – Karel Demeester

Before he launched his own business earlier this year, Karel Demeester successfully led the digital transformation agenda at Coca-Cola European Partners and co-developed numerous scalable innovations together with leading retailers, 3th parties and consumers. In his presentation, Karel uses the metaphor of a mountaineering expedition to share some of his learnings in building sustainable business impact through digital sales & marketing. A story with practical tips and examples, grounded on over 15 years of experience in influencing omnichannel shopper behaviour ‘from passion to purchase’.

Biography /

Karel Demeester is recognized as a game changer. He gives everything a personal trademark to deliver good results, he works like an architect: starting from a strong foundation (STRATEGY), focusing on the objectives and with lots of attention for efficiency (maximal ROI), consistency and aesthetics (excellence in EXECUTION).