About the eTrade Summit

The eTrade Summit is an initiative of SafeShops.be

Who is SafeShops.be?

SafeShops.be is a fastgrowing e-commerce association which promotes online shopping in Belgium. Our goal is to increase the confidence of consumers, businesses and governments in e-commerce and thus boosting e-commerce in Belgium. In order to reach our goal, we not only offer several services to webshops, but we inspire to be a true knowledge hub by organizing events, seminars and trainings.

Want to learn more about SafeShops.be?
Take a look at our website.

Why the eTrade Summit?

The eTradeSummit is the perfect place to exchange knowledge on every level, reaching out to newly start-ups and seasoned e-professionals. Just like e-commerce is rapidly changing, we try to evolve to meet the changing needs. We incorporated roundtable sessions to stimulate interaction, questions and knowledge sharing. Avoid the common pitfalls and learn from experts how to boost your business.