Is your webshop ready to outsource its e-fulfilment?

What is e-fulfilment?

Logistics makes the difference in e-commerce. An extensive offering and a finely-tuned webshop have become a matter of course. Fast, correct and reliable delivery is how you truly differentiate your e-business and make it profitable these days. Flanders has the long-standing expertise to help you build a modern supply chain that fits the needs of the e-market and turn your e-commerce company into an e-fulfilment business.

Stock management, warehousing, delivery and packaging are common problems when you start your own webshop.

When your stock doesn’t fit in your garage anymore or when you can’t keep up with your incoming orders it’s maybe time to start thinking about outsourcing your fulfilment.

Because of lot of existing, fast growing webshops, are wondering whether to contract out their fulfilment and logistics. On the basis of 5 easily recognizable indicators, it can be determined if e-fulfilment is an opportunity, or if it is not the right solution yet.

How can you identify the tilting point where e-fulfilment becomes a plus for your webshop?

At the eTrade Summit, the 25th of September, Kenny Van Paesschen, CEO of ShopWeDo will give you 5 indicators that your webshop is ready for e-fulfilment.

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Is your webshop ready to outsource its e-fulfilment?