How to build international trust

Trust is one of the most important factors of trade. Whether business- to-consumer, business-to-business, or consumer-to-consumer, trust is essential for a successful exchange to occur between two parties. Economic scholars around the world have characterized ‘trust’ as having three distinct features: uncertainty, vulnerability and dependence. – (rfr. Why trust is important for webshops – Sara Lone, Ecommerce Foundation)

There are multiple ways to enhance trust in online shopping:

– Have a translated version of your webshop (don’t only use your own mother language)
– A trustmark helps you to be compliant with the law, and not only the Belgian law. It increases trust and conversion towards your webshop.
– Think about your webshop security: SSL, 3Dsecure, firewall,..
– … 

But when you want to start selling cross border you have to take a lot of other things in mind as well. 

As a matter of fact, if/ when you take the step to go international with your webshop, you better listen to Prof Jorij Abraham, he can help you with the first steps of building international trust.

“Webshops have to go international in order to survive. But being successful across the border is challenging. Merchants are faced with legal, custom, tax, vat, translation, payment and localization challenges. An issue often underestimated is consumer trust. 50% of the consumers who have internet access do not shop online due to a lack of trust. The trust in webshops usually halves when consumers have to cross the border.”

Prof. Jorij Abraham’s conclusion: you have to go international, you simply have no choice, although it’s extremely complex, with a clear proposal you will succeed.

eTrade Summit 2018: Discover several methods to increase trust and as a result your conversion ratio and average basket size.

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How to build international trust