eTrade Summit 2019: Presentations

Thursday October 3, 2019 we gathered around at the eTrade Summit with the e-commerce sector to share knowledge and expertise. Of course we like to share these insights from our experts with you. 


Expert: Ruben Evens
Company: Vaimo
Topic: Driving success with e-commerce psychology

Expert: Stijn Sommerijns
Company: The House of Marketing
Topic: The role of data in e-commerce

Expert: Eric Van der Haegen
Company: Root Consulting
Topic: MyAds Platform: (your) data to bridge performance and branding

Expert: Frederik Van Outryve
Company: Pricing Pact
Topic: Is lack of trust the most important threshold for better data sharing between chain partners.

Expert: Thibaut De Vos & Joeri De Bouvere
Company: Virgil / GM Group
Topic: How to not end up with a miserable feeling after a videomarketing investment

Expert: Dries Jaspers
Company: PostNL
Topic: Let’s make Black Friday a Happy Friday

Expert: Elly Cools
Company: The House of Marketing
Topic: What are your digital transformation KPI’S?

Expert: Isabelle Finet
Company: Fibre Mood
Topic: Is community marketing the new hype? 

Expert: Cis Scherpereel
Company: Mex United
Topic: SOS conversion: the conversion check for your webshop

Expert: Nicolas Bumba Malanda
Company: Ingenico ePayments
Topic: How to make a success out of the many peaksales moments

Expert: Michel Defloor
Company: bpost
Topic: Sustainable e-Commerce: Is it possible? 

Expert: Kim Verhaegen
Company: Grava
Topic: How to steer & measure e-commerce business online to offline 

Expert: Jeroen De Clerck
Company: Generation Shop
Topic: Content Marketing: The basics of – dramatic pause – everything!

Expert: Stijn Meyvaert
Company: Delaware Digital
Topic: 3 cases of benefitting from your own data

Expert: Maarten Dom
Company: Cyber Contract
Topic: How a cyber risk insurance can work for your webshop

Expert: Sven Tas
Company: ebury
Topic: Business without border

Expert: Mark Rabsahl
Company: DHL Express
Topic: Power up your potential & website healthcheck

Expert: Geert Verbelen
Company: bpost
Topic: Second hand platforms, threat or opportunity?

Expert: Frederik Van Outryve
Company: T-Mining
Topic: Is lack of trust the most important threshold for better data sharing between chain partners?