Dennis De Cat - Senior Consultant @ The House of Marketing

Conversion optimization via new channels: Virtual Reality, chatbots, voice,…

New channels are coming. They will play a role in conversion and will have a tremendous impact on how consumers will communicate with your company. We believe that conversational user experience is only the beginning. We will show you how new channels can improve your conversion rate, why a chatbot conversation is the way to go for conversion rather than a webdesign,… Let’s go over some inspiring examples and start the discussion!

#innovation #conversion #optimization #VR 

Who's Dennis?

Dennis is a no-nonsense, enthusiastic, optimistic and open-minded innovator. He has a background in innovation management, start-up coaching and brand management. As a growth hacking believer and trendwatcher, He eats new marketing tools for lunch and loves to guide companies through digital transformations.


Dennis De Cat