Dirk Blondeel - Head of Marketing Technology @ The House of Marketing

Take the easy path to set up your marketing automation tool

You have decided to invest in marketing automation. Now, what’s next? Getting the tool up and running and starting marketing in the new automated way is a learning journey the marketing team needs to take. Don’t opt for a bumpy road, but discover in this session some of the pitfalls other marketers have run into and avoid making the same mistakes. We will cover different dimensions: from strategy, over data, content and tools, up to the organization of the marketing team. We will look at best practices for all steps that are needed to get your marketing automation tool ready.

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Who's Dirk?

Dirk is a seasoned marketer who likes to work on the intersection between sales, marketing and technicality. He is also creative and likes to create new things. Dirk has worked on several projects that needed a large degree of change management. Marketing Automation is thus the dream toolkit for Dirk, where all of these elements come together.


Dirk Blondeel