Geert Verbelen - Director Segment Marketing Parcels & Logistics

How transparant delivery information can increase your NPS-score.

Delivering a package at the right place and right time remains a major concern for your customer. But there are a lot of stages between the time of ordering and the effective delivery. You can also develop these stages in a communicative way with your logistics partner.  Comparative internal data shows us that bpost can tell us why some webshops simply achieve higher NPS scores and conversions.  These insights will be shared with you in this round table discussion. So discover during this session a number of tips to boost your online sales, as a small or large webshop, by filtering in  transparency and information in the delivery process.

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Who's Geert?

With more than 25 years in the logistics industry, Geert has build up expertise in how e-commerce businesses and logistics providers can work together to improve each other’s businesses. Geert is leading the Segment Marketing function for bpost Parcels & Logistics.


Geert Verbelen