Kenny Van Paesschen - Owner @ ShopWeDo e-fulfilment

5 Indicators That Your Webshop Is Ready For E-fulilment

When your e-business starts to scale, e-fulfilment can save you time and money. I will present 5 indicators that tell you it’s time to consider outsourcing your e-commerce logistics.

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Who's Kenny?

Kenny got hooked on e-commerce as a pioneer in the late nineties and early nillies. 15 years ago he started his own webstore Babygoodies.shop wich is still growing every year. Since 2014 he started a brand new company called ShopWeDo. ShopWeDo offers lighting fast e-fulfilment services in several warehouses all over the country, easily managed by their online WMS platform. They already work for 70 Belgian webshops.


Kenny Van Paesschen