Liesa Coulleit - Growth Consultant @ The Growth Revolution

Marketing Experimentation is key for Ecommerce Success

Growth marketing = rapid experimentation.

Many people have a false idea of what growth marketing really is. Yannick will clarify and explain the concept. Through a process approach, he’ll show how to implement growth marketing, and give a list of quick wins.

Key Learnings:

  • As many channels are saturated today, every webshop has to continually experiment.
  • Deepen your exploration and look for alternative means.
  • Resimulate your clients’ environment and try to pick up on it with multi-touchpoints.
  • Make trial and error your growth marketing guide line.

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Who's Liesa?

Liesa has a background as strategic management consultant in “ digital transforma9on. She guided dozens of established
corporates to transform and grow in this digital-first era. As a new-breed trendwatcher, she discovered this passion for innovation and corporate startups

Install a mindset to test, try and experiment fast and fail cheaply. Not for the sake of it, but to learn from it. Everybody could have your next ‘one billion dollar idea”.


Liesa is a high-energy achiever with an open mindset. Experimentation is her second nature, which comes in handy with her mission to look for and push the right buttons to help an organization grow. Liesa is a fun and cool girl and takes mentorship very seriously.


Liesa Coulleit