Rik Vera - Keynote speaker, author, chairman at nexxworks

C2MxEi: Connect to many. Engage individuals.

In his Keynote Rik Vera makes clear that the key to develop the right strategy for the digital world, is Extreme Customer Centricity. It is no longer B2B of B2C. Customers look at a company as a human being. “Know me, have one conversation and make it matter”. Rik makes clear that it is not about products or services, but (good) CEX. Bad CEX is not meeting customer expectation. Good CEX equals exceeding customer expectation.

Customer Centric is a mindset that involves the whole organisation and even puts the while traditional model upside down.

It all starts with the desired customer experience, then takes customer focused value driven behaviour, a stimulating culture, guiding stewardship and the right logistics and only then the right products.

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Who's Rik?

Rik Vera is a renowned thought-leader, advisor and lecturer on the topics of customer-centricity, change management, sales and marketing. Having gathered years of C-level experience in sales and marketing related functions, he now inspires companies to develop customer-centric strategies fit for a connected world.

Rik Vera mixes years of business experience at C-level with humour and passion. Rik has an over 20 years C-level experience in sales-marketing and general management in the manufacturing industry. In 2015 he and his business partners Peter Hinssen and Steven Van Belleghem started nexxworks. They travel the world, inspiring companies how to lead in the New Digital World, taking business leaders to innovation hubs like Silicon Valley, ignite frustrated enthusiasts with innovative bootcamps, but above all they encourage companies to get ready for the day after tomorrow.


Rik Vera