Yves Van den Brande - Senior data lover @ Delaware

Predicting the next buy via Data Science

In e-trade business, data is key. So join our table to understand 2 customer cases on predictive modelling for the next buy. It’s nice to get a customer through the conversion funnel but it’s even more great to guide him to that next conversion based on past behavior patterns. And most of all, we are happy to inspire you on your smart data track for the next buy. So let’s join and discuss.

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Who's Yves?

For over 18 years, Yves brings thought leadership on customer oriented organizations, processes, customer insights & metrics, customer experience and how technology can support these ambitions. With the rise of machine learning, and customer data being available more than ever, the last couple of years Yves has been specializing in how advanced customer insights, provided by machine learning, can be applied in practice to drive sales & marketing results.


Yves Van den Brande