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Thursday October 3, 2019

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eTrade Summit

The eTrade Summit provides a great platform allowing brand new startups as well as seasoned e-professionals to exchange knowledge on the challenges e-commerce is facing. All meet to discuss a wide range of topics in our rapidly evolving e-commerce reality with ever-changing needs.

Logistics, payment, marketing automation and robotics, are just a few of the many issues tackled during our roundtable sessions. Experts share their knowledge, stimulate interaction and answer your questions.

You will learn how to avoid pitfalls and boost your business!


During the afternoon, e-commerce experts will expand your knowledge on topics as: logistics, payment, marketing automation, robotics and so much more. In short you can choose between 30 topics divided in 3 rounds, that’s as much as 30 experts who will share their expertise with you.

You can also stay for our evening program, if you want. Before and after dinner 2 keynotes will focus on sustainability, a hot topic anno 2019… 


SafeShops.be is a fast growing e-commerce association which promotes online shopping in Belgium. Our goal is to increase the confidence of consumers, businesses and governments in e-commerce and thus boosting e-commerce in Belgium. In order to reach our goal, we not only offer several services to webshops, but we inspire to be a true knowledge hub by organizing events, seminars and trainings.


Webshop owners
E-commerce Managers
C-level & Business owners
Marketing professionals

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  • In one day we receive as much information as a single person did back in 1912. Nowadays it’s harder for marketeers to grab the attention of their target audience. How can we as 2dehands/2ememain help? We make sure advertisers advertise smarter by looking at historical and real-time behaviour of our users. And therefore make it possible to reach users at the right time in the their customer journey. In which phase of the customer journey are they now and what is the best moment to reach them with your message.

  • Today we have a number of low-key ways to map the impact of online marketing on offline behavior and purchases, but they are hardly used. In this session you will hear how this is possible, how we make this clear and how we can further optimize it. This way we can bridge the gap between online and offline marketing and results

  • Price is often the most neglected element of the profit equation whereas it is the most impactful one. A value-based pricing approach does not only improve your profitability, it also enables you to improve your value proposition, your marketing & business development, to assess the interest and viability of new ideas, and to increase your customer satisfaction since the price is based on their inputs.

  • In the meantime we all agree: as a company we are going to invest in video content to come across professionally and to attract extra customers … Easier said than done. During this session we expose the most important pitfalls and give tips to prevent you from paying for your expensive video production.

  • With the rise of the conscious consumer, international ecommerce retailers have found that having sustainable practices can be the decider between a customer buying off their site or a competitor’s. A growing number of companies are exploring tools to reduce the amount of packaging used, trying to find alternatives to plastic, and looking to install solar panels to reduce their carbon footprint, and looking for the most eco-efficient way to have their parcels delivered. In this session, we’ll discuss the need for sustainability as a strategy for Belgian ecommerce players.

  • A stronger customer experience, better marketing results and more sales: expert Stijn Sommerijns elaborates on the benefits of a data-driven approach. From dashboarding to personalization – based on his own international e-commerce experience, he understands the importance of data for both front-end and back-end applications.

  • We believe all businesses should be empowered to trade internationally. With the right financial solutions all businesses can capitalize on global opportunities. We provide world class FX Risk Management strategies, flexible import & export lending and fast & secure international payments in over 140 currencies. Our clients trust us to protect their margins wherever they choose to do business.

  • While implementing different new tools & tactics to boost your digital transformation process, often the most important aspect of success is disregarded. Your staff/personnel/employees/colleagues are confronted with a ‘fait accompli’ and have no idea how to embrace this change. Elly will give you 5 tips in how to boost your marketing/communication/sales/ICT/HRM,… teams to your desired next level.

  • Faster sharing of more current data between partners in a logistics chain seems to be the best way to make chains shorter and more efficient. So what do companies stop to realize this? Is it a lack of trust in each other, or are there other reasons? And which technical solutions can compensate for this lack of confidence?

  • Did you know that on average 70% of your “buyers” abandon their shopping cart? And -what is even worse- on average 10% abandon the payment page. Do you want to learn some tips and tricks on how to lower these percentages? And sell more? Philippe will tell you everything about which payment methods to offer, 3D secure, styling of payment pages, and much more

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  • In his Keynote Rik Vera makes clear that the key to develop the right strategy for the digital world, is Extreme Customer Centricity. It is no longer B2B of B2C. Customers look at a company as a human being. “Know me, have one conversation and make it matter”. Rik makes clear that it is not about products or services, but (good) CEX. Bad CEX is not meeting customer expectation. Good CEX equals exceeding customer expectation. Customer Centric is a mindset that involves the whole organisation and even puts the while traditional model upside down. It all starts with the desired customer experience, then takes customer focused value driven behaviour, a stimulating culture, guiding stewardship and the right logistics and only then the right products.


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